Buyer Tips

Buying a Home should be Fun!

Do your research and you will feel confident in knowing you made the right choice.

  1. Excellent buys are often made on homes that require a little elbow grease. Two comparable homes can be priced very differently even when one needs only a minimal amount of work.
  2. If you see an ad or sign on a home which interests you – call Us. It does not matter who has the home listed, we can show it to you. In most cases, the reason it isn’t showing upon your list is that there is some feature that doesn’t match what you told us what you wanted in a home. It is ok to change your mind and make changes to your search criteria. Just let Us know!
  3. The agent whose name is listed on the sign in the yard works for the SELLER, not you. Be upfront and always let the agent know that you have a Buyer’s Agent. And, be sure not to tell a Seller’s Agent anything you would not want the Seller to know. They work for the Seller’s best interest.
  4. In some cases, it may be better to avoid setting a minimum square footage requirement. A well designed floor plan can make a smaller home “feel” larger. A minimum requirement on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, however, is important.
  5. If you do not like the neighborhood, do not even consider the house.
  6. Try to look for potential negatives that could affect the home’s salability at resale time. Some examples of this would be power lines, busy roads, a steep driveway or a declining neighborhood.
  7. The “perfect home” does not exist. Sometimes it is helpful to determine if a particular feature is a “must” or a “would like to have”. It is important to know the difference so that when you see a home that is a good buy and that has all of your “musts,” you can act.

We can show you any house no matter who the house is listed with!